Brewing Mastery Bundle

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After 2 years of research and development, we finally found the easiest way to learn beer brewing. Which is this Prosperous Brewing Method premium ingredient kit.

Once these kits became quoted as, “Fail-proof” and “Unmatched” on the market”. We then paired it with the basic equipment needed to begin brewing your own beer at home.


Now, this Brew Mastery Bundle may as well be called the savior of beginner brewers, because without it, millions of people may continue to never attempt another batch.


And never begin the life long love affair that us brewers know is imminent. 

So, you can either be the coolest gift giver on Christmas morning, or personally learn the benefits of brewing your very own beer and enjoying quality over quantity. 

A nice challenge, a test of patience, and a great reward. 

Anyone can complete these Prosperous Brewing Method kits. The volume is just right to be completed in a small kitchen but enough beer to enjoy the fruits of your effort. Makes about 16 bottles of great beer...


So… Got a 3+ gallon pot and a stove/burner?


Perfect! That’s all you’ll need once you get this bundle in your hands!


** Included with the Brew Mastery Bundle **


  • Your choice of recipe packaged in the Prosperous Brewing Method layout! Includes yeast, sanitizer, airlock, bottling sugar, caps and all ingredients

  • Stout and strong 2 Gallon U.S made ferment bucket with screw on lid and spigot. O-ring in the lid for a great seal time and time again. This tough bucket is sure to last as your small batch fermenter!

  • 3’ section of tubing and a bottling wand for quick, clean and easy bottling. Attach the tube to your fermenter spigot and your bottling wand for a no-spill, no-worry bottling day!

  • Bottle caps and a Gloria bottle capper tool. Gloria is a respected brand that puts out fantastic tools. You'll have this capper tool for a long time!

  • 10” dial thermometer with kettle clip for convenient temperature readings

  • Hydrometer and jar for beer gravity readings. This is a real hydrometer that you'll need moving forward with your brewing journey. Don't worry, our videos and instructions will explain how to use it!

  • 4 pages of in-depth written instruction that is crystal clear
  • QR codes on every step that direct you to a video specifically for that step

Select from our 12 recipes and start your brewing journey off with a bang!

4 Blind Pigs

This is a GREAT Belgian style beer for any occasion! It's packed full of flavor, and reeaaally hard to set down! We had to make this a kit for everyone to try because it’s too damn good!

ABV: 9.43
IBUs: 61.33

Black Forest IPA

Tyson’s personal favorite! This beer is everything you would hope for in a dark IPA. Roasty, rich, deep, malty, with hints of chocolate and a little hoppy to balance out all the flavors! A great beer, that both Tyson and Tanner can’t keep their paws OFF!

ABV: 7.07%
IBUs: 56.14

Belgian Dubbel Down

Ahh, yes. The rich, malty delightfulness of this Belgian beer erupts upon hitting the tongue and gives off a some phenolic flavors and mild alcohol characteristics. It is truly delightful and hard to stay away from. If you like a bit of a bite, make sure to brew one of these bad boys!

ABV: 7.47%
IBUs: 22.55

Bourbon Oaked Stout

Our Bourbon Oaked Imperial Stout is a deep, rich and roasty brew that is sure to impress! Sharp and crisp in the initial taste with a creamy and smooth finish. You can expect medium and balanced to round this beer out. Make sure to have a few on hand for BBQ’s and poker nights.

ABV: 9.17%
IBUs: 32.36

Christmas Ale

This is a Strong Belgian Dark Ale. It’s a wonderful brew similar to our 4 Blind Pigs, just a step up! Imagine an extra shot of booze and another cinnamon stick for some added warmth and to get you ready to deal with those in-laws on Christmas!

ABV: 8.65%
IBUs: 24.06

Dank Swamp Rebellion's Magnolia Saison

This was made for our good friends, the Dank Swamp Rebellion podcast down in Louisiana. Inspired by lighter sessionable beers, french influence and the state flower, we came up with this saison that has garnered rave reviews! A nice fruity, spicy, light bodied beer with a sweet magnolia finish is to be expected. Perfect for summer time on the boat, golfing or whatever you prefer a lighter beer for!

ABV: 4.85%

IBU: 30.30

The German Chill Pill-sner

Classic medium hop delightful Pilsner. This beer has a great malty sweetness and fruity aroma with the taste to match! A little creamy initially, then followed by a nice mellow and crisp bite toward the end.

ABV: 5.76%
IBUs: 43.69

Hornet Hazy IPA

Are you on board the haze craze? If so, you need this hazy in your life. This beer is everything you want in a hazy IPA; fruity, citrisy, moderate to upper moderate bitterness and a smooth refreshing finish. The Hornet bridges the gap perfectly between an east coast juice bomb and a west coast ball buster. Some have said, "it'll make you believe in love again"... And I agree

ABV: 6.29%

IBU: 94.67

Vanilla Port-Ahh

I don’t know about you, but a nice vanilla porter towards the end of the day really hits the spot. This pre-prohibition porter is dark with some red tones and possesses the roasted, malty and chocolate characteristics that you want in a dark beer. Not to mention the vanilla bean that comes with it to give you that true, straight from Madagascar vanilla flavor! Leave the bean in for a little while, or leave it in for weeks! It’s your beer, you can choose how much vanilla you want!


Robust Porter

Here's what you can expect from this beauty; warming caramel flavors balanced with dark malty bitterness. The Robust Porter is a spicy, chocolatey brew that is dominated by the dark malt. It is rich, dark and complex with a slight sweetness. We recommend this one for first timers.

ABV: 6.29%
IBUs: 35.65

Orange Wheat Ale

This Orange American Wheat Ale is quite the go to! Similar to the Hangar 24 orange wheat, you can expect the hop characteristics and bitterness to be pretty low with a refreshing and tasteful orangy finish!

ABV: 5.50%
IBUs: 15.17


Earthy, piney, grapefruity, hoppy hoppiness, goody goodness. This tasty and strong double IPA with all its glory is an awesome choice for all you hop heads out there. Enjoy the malt and hop aromas as you brew up this tasty ale and LOVE the taste when it hits your lips for the first time!

ABV: 9.83%
IBUs: 100


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